GOPAC was founded in October 2002 as a result of a Global Conference in Ottawa, Canada which brought together over 170 parliamentarians and 400 observers dedicated to fighting corruption and improving good governance. It was at this meeting that the Board of Directors approved the GOPAC Constitution. GOPAC became a legal entity in the fall of 2003 – a not-for-profit under Canadian law. GOPAC is unique in that it is the only international network of parliamentarians focused solely on combating corruption. Its members represent more than 50 countries in all regions of the world. They are current or former legislators or legislators who have been denied their right to take office. Their collaboration is non-partisan. GOPAC’s programming model uses Global Task Forces (GTF) to promote agendas identified by membership through a regionally representative group of parliamentarians that champion each topic. The GOPAC Board and Global Secretariat support GTFs with handbooks, workshops and capacity building among parliamentarians worldwide. Through its GTFs GOPAC can support the introduction of legislative and oversight changes in national parliaments to control corruption, promote good governance and hold the Executive more accountable to the people. Anti-Money Laundering GTF, United Nations Convention Against Corruption GTF, Parliamentary Oversight GTF, Parliamentary Ethics and Conduct GTF, Open Parliament and Participation of Society GTF.

GOPAC’s vision is to

achieve accountability and transparency through effective anti-corruption mechanisms and inclusive participation and cooperation between parliamentarians, government, and civil society.

To achieve this vision, GOPAC’s mission is to

assist and support parliamentarians in their advocacy and legislation to make governments accountable and transparent.

Our vision and mission are built upon GOPAC’s commitment to certain core values. These values guide our programs, projects, and our day-to-day business of promoting good governance and the rule of law around the world. The set of core values are:

INTEGRITY is at the heart of the anti-corruption agenda. GOPAC is committed to conducting itself with the same honesty, openness, and principle it seeks to instil in governments.

ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY are the essence of good government. GOPAC is committed to leading by example, by ensuring we are accountable to our members, our partners, and our funders. We demand the same of all governments, by ensuring that accountability is a fundamental objective of all our initiatives.

Collaboration GOPAC recognizes that the fight against corruption is a fight by all of us, for all of us, and can only succeed when we work together. We work in collaboration with legislators, civil society, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, and seek to build a strong coalition against corruption across sectors and across society.

Diversity GOPAC is an inclusive and diverse organization. We are committed to ensuring that our network is open and non-partisan and welcomes members who believe in the same core values GOPAC holds, from all over the world regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or political affiliation.